The Jefferson County Fairgrounds is the perfect place to hold your next party, reunion or celebration. Many of our buildings are available for reasonable rents.


Call 360.385.1013 or e-mail jeffcofairgrounds@olypen.com for more information. Campsites are available at the fairgrounds.


If your guests would prefer motel, hotel or bed and breakfast accommodations, there are numerous options within the Port Townsend city limits, and beyond.




Vehicle Storage Information
Jefferson County Health Permit
City of Port Townsend Business License
City of Port Townsend Requirements for Fairground Events
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Oscar Erickson Building

The Oscar Erickson Building is a popular choice for dances, weddings and other such events. Its two halves may be rented independently. The dance hall below has a great wooden floor. The commercial kitchen shares the second half of the building with a large meeting room, with many windows. All are connected.


4-H Building


Art Building



Covered Picnic Area

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